Asmita Patel – The She-Wolf of the Stock Market, Simplifying Trading Education Globally

Praised and admired for her teaching style and world-class systems, Asmita Patel – India’s leading trader, mentor and stock market influencer has become the talk of the trader’s town.

This is the story of a woman who has completely redefined the way people trade and invest in the stock market. With 17+ Years of active trading and mentoring experience, Asmita Patel is a force to be reckoned with. While most success stories are about people’s personal achievements, this one is about uplifting the lives of others.

A small business owner managed to pay off his loans, a working professional was able to quit his job and spend more time with family because he created a parallel income stream, a third-generation family business owner could expand the business by managing funds wisely – these are stories that Asmita and her team frequently receive from their students across the country.

Some call her the She-Wolf of the Stock Market, some know her as the Queen of Options Trading, and some see her simply as a mentor who came in as a saviour in their lives when they were struggling to find one.


Asmita is on a mission – “Let’s Make India Trade”- teaching people how to trade in the right way.

When considering how to invest in the Indian share market, a large part of the population is risking their money without knowledge and education, and only based on tips and advice. When we hear the terms shares, commodities, derivatives, forex, banknifty, future, options, currency, equity, bse, nse, cryptocurrency, gap up gap down, rollover, mutual funds, intraday, bullish, bearish, candlestick patterns, indicators, how many of us actually understand the meaning and application of each of these terms?

“Lots of people lose money in the market simply because they don’t know the right way to trade. With the right education, people can grow their wealth”, says Asmita.

Some ideas that she has pioneered and teaches in her stock market learning courses are:

The Most Viral Banknifty Strategy

Asmita Patel’s Banknifty strategy is something that went instantly viral on YouTube and continues to be viewed by lakhs of people. Featured on one of India’s leading Finance and Business portal, the video has helped create profits for countless traders. You can learn it too!

The No.1 Options Trading Strategy

“If you want to learn Options trading, there is no one better than Asmita Patel”, says a full-time trader. Options Multiplier – the most in-demand course at Asmita Patel Global School of Trading is attended by thousands of students coming from a vast range of age, background, career journeys and locations.

Trade in 15 minutes a day

Traders today have the habit of being glued to their gadgets all day and over-analyzing every move of the market. This increases the risk of overtrading, emotional decision-making, and impulsive actions. Asmita recommends making all trading decisions before the market opens. Her proprietary strategies and systems help generate consistent monthly income by trading in just 15 minutes in a day.

Trade without using any indicators, patterns, graphs, greeks

A full-time trader with an experience of more than 17 years, Asmita has developed her own proprietary system which allow you to trade without using any indicators, patterns, graphs, greeks. Her system, known as “Price Action Trading” encourages traders to look at the market with a completely different perspective. It is 100% Objective and helps you trade the markets in just 15 minutes a day.

Day trading is injurious to your wealth

Asmita strongly recommends that traders must stay away from the trap of day trading if they want to grow their wealth significantly. Day traders claim that they make profits in just 5 or 10 minutes but that’s only half the truth. The disturbing reality is, they sit with their eyes glued to the screen all day only to end up making peanut-sized profits.

The core principles of Asmita Patel’s trading style:

  • Trade in just 15 minutes a day
  • Say No to indicators, candlestick patterns & greeks
  • Follow Price Action Trading
  • Don’t predict the market. Be a trend follower
  • Adopt a healthy trading mindset

Asmita Patel’s proprietary systems and strategies have helped lakhs of students become full-time traders and transform their financial stature.

Asmita Patel – is a name that crushed barriers and rose to fame in a traditionally male-dominated industry that is the Stock Market. She is highly admired for her strong ethics, crystal-clear thought process and unwavering passion for the stock market.

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