Bank strike on Saturday: Operations in some public sector banks likely to be hit

Bank strike on Saturday: Operations in some public sector banks likely to be hit

Operations of public sector banks (PSBs) may be impacted as bank union AIBEA has given a strike call for Saturday to oppose incessant outsourcing of jobs. Although the officers are not part of the strike, there may be some impact on cash deposit and withdrawal, clearing of cheques etc.

Several banks, including Bank of Baroda and Punjab & Sind Bank, have already informed their customers about the potential impact on services if November 19 strike materalises.

If the strike materialises, a certain section of the Bank’s employees may participate in strike on the said date, in which case, it is likely that the normal functioning of the branches/offices of the bank may get affected, Punjab & Sind Bank said in a regulatory filing on Thursday.

Outsourcing of jobs by some of the banks are putting privacy of customers and their money at risk apart from reduction in recruitment at the lower level, All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) general secretary C H Venkatachalam said.
Some banks are also indulging in violation of Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act, he said.

Even where the labour authorities have intervened, the management has ignored their advice, violated the provisions of Industrial Disputes Act and forcibly transferred the employees, he added.

“From AIBEA, we reiterated our issues and demands arising out of the various unilateral decisions in violation of the existing provisions of Bipartite Settlement in some of the banks and the attacks on jobs and job security and vindictive actions in some other banks,” he said.

In the wake of these attacks, he said, “AIBEA has no alternative than to express its protest through our agitational programme and strike action”.

Banks are open on November 19 which is the third Saturday of the months. All banks remain open on first and third Saturdays.

Private sector banks would not be impacted by the strike call.

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