Best mutual funds for an aggressive investor

I have an existing diverse portfolio with a few large cap funds, flexicap, balance advantage. Now, I have around Rs 7 lakh. I need some investment options. I am looking for wealth creation. I have an aggressive risk profile.
–Bharathi Priyanka

You have not shared your investment horizon. Since you already invest in equity mutual funds, we assume that you know that you should have a very long investment horizon if you are planning to invest in risky mutual fund options. So, invest in risky options only if you are willing to invest for at least seven to 10 years. You may invest in mid cap mutual funds, small cap funds, sector funds. You can also invest in a combination of these schemes. Since you have not shared the details of your investments and it’s not possible to decide how much risk you are willing to take, we won’t be able to suggest anything more. You may choose schemes from our recommendations.

Best mid cap schemes

Best small cap schemes

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