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Why are the shares of Paytm continuously falling? Investors worried due to falling performance

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The shares of Paytm are falling continuously at this time, due to which the concern of those who invest in it has increased. As of today afternoon, Paytm stock is trading at 1,081.45, down by around −38.20 (3.41%). Paytm’s operator company One97 Communications was listed on November 18, but now its issue price has come down from 2150 to less than 1130. This means that IPO investors are incurring a loss of Rs 6,000 per lot.

The brokerage firm has reduced its target for Macquarie stock by 25% from Rs 1,200 to Rs 900. Since January 7, this fall is 28 per cent. This means Macquarie retained its ‘underperform’ rating on the stock. The way Paytm’s stock is falling day by day, there is a question in people’s mind that why Paytm is running in loss.


There are many reasons behind the loss to Paytm, which include regulatory challenges, rules and regulations for wallet, reduction in merchant funding, increase in employment cost.

Posted : 13/01/2022 6:06 pm