Godrej Capital launches NIRMAAN, a digital platform to help MSMEs grow their businesses

Godrej Capital launches NIRMAAN, a digital platform to help MSMEs grow their businesses

Godrej Capital, the financial services arm of the Godrej Group, on Monday announced its new digital platform, Nirmaan, to provide MSME owners an all-inclusive opportunity to grow their businesses. Carefully curated, Godrej Capital Nirmaan packs a range of partners that provide services critical to the growth of MSMEs.

The MSMEs in the country today face challenges like limited access to the market and the ability to expand beyond their regional reach, lack of know-how about legal and regulatory compliance requirements, Limited access to technology, hiring and retaining a skilled workforce, and limitation of access to credit. Godrej Capital Nirmaan aims to solve these challenges and provide services under the categories of ”Grow the Business,” ”Ease Business Operations,” and ”Transformation through upskilling.”

The company has initially partnered with Amazon Global Selling, Onsurity, Zolvit, and MSMEx to help increase the potential market reach, simplify legal and compliance, enhance employee health and welfare, and provide business coaching for small businesses. In addition, while Godrej Capital Nirmaan users get product & pricing offerings at a discounted price point, Godrej Capital customers will be entitled to additional and exclusive pricing benefits.

Furthermore, the flagship platform is the first in the BFSI industry in India. It goes beyond its core lending offering and provides value-added services encompassing business growth opportunities, ease of business, and knowledge and network avenues.

Speaking on the launch, Manish Shah, MD & CEO at Godrej Capital, said in a statement, “The Godrej Group has a longstanding commitment to contributing to the growth of the Indian economy, and through Godrej Capital, we are proud to launch Nirmaan, which will enable MSMEs to grow their fullest potential and thus drive economic growth of the country. We have closely studied the growth challenges of MSMEs in the country, and along with the lending services we already provide, with Nirmaan, we can help solve some of those challenges and support the sector’s growth.”

Godrej Capital is focused on bringing more value-adding services to the platform through strategic partnerships and keeping updated with the challenges that must be solved.

In this initial launch phase, services will be promoted in 30 key markets across India but available in all corners of India. Godrej Capital has, so far, has disbursed over Rs 5,300 crores since inception in November 2020 across housing, SME, and MSME loans. In addition, it has expanded its presence across 13 cities in India.

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