How to change income tax portal profile password using Aadhaar OTP

Many of us find it difficult to keep a track of and remember all the passwords one needs to remember and use, even if it is a password for something as important as one’s password to file their tax return. Now, the income tax website requires all taxpayers who are filing income tax returns using its e-filing portal to have an account. So, if you have forgotten your password, there is a reset option available.

According to the Income tax website, “The Forgot Password service is available to all registered users on the e-Filing portal. With this service, you can reset you e-Filing portal password with e-Filing OTP / Aadhaar OTP / Bank Account EVC / Demat Account EVC / Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) / Net Banking.”

Here is a step by step guide to reset one’s e-filing profile password using Aadhaar OTP. (Note that PAN – Aadhaar should be linked)

Step 1: Go to the e-Filing homepage and click Login

Step 2: Enter your User ID and click Continue.

Step 3: Select Secure Access Message, Password option and click ‘Forgot Password’.

Step 4: Now, enter your user ID and click ‘Continue’.

Step 5: Select an Option to Reset Password page and select OTP on mobile number. registered with Aadhaar and click Continue.


Step 6: In next page, select ‘Generate OTP’ and click Continue.

If you already have an Aadhaar OTP, choose I Already Have OTP on Mobile Number. Registered with Aadhaar and input the 6-digit OTP already in your possession.

Step 7: Select the declaration checkbox and click ‘Generate Aadhaar OTP’ on the ‘Verify Your Identity’ screen.


Step 8: Enter the 6-digit OTP received on your mobile number registered with Aadhaar and click verify.


  • OTP will be valid for 15 minutes only.
  • You have 3 attempts to enter the correct OTP.
  • The OTP expiry countdown timer on screen tells you when the OTP will expire.
  • On clicking Resend OTP, a new OTP will be generated and sent.

Step 9: Enter new password in ‘Set New Password and Confirm Password’ textboxes and click Submit.


A success message and a Transaction ID are displayed. Please keep the Transaction ID on file for future reference.

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