InfraCloud clocks 4X growth amidst pandemic

PUNE: InfraCloud grew 300% ie, nearly 4X amidst the pandemic. The company that also happens to be the first Kubernetes Partner in India and the only other in the APAC region, helps companies adopt cloud native technologies to make their infrastructure robust and scalable.

Their team help fast-growing organizations modernize cloud infrastructure, adopt Kubernetes and build cloud native products. The company primarily operates around helping fast growing organizations become modernized and sustainable. InfraCloud rose amidst increasing demand for cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes and building cloud native products as pandemic pushed companies across the globe to accelerate their digital transformation.

During the pandemic, it was one of the first companies to adopt work from home (WFH), even before the government mandated it. So they took up pandemic enforced WFH as an opportunity to build a distributed organisation and adopting work from anywhere model. This required different way of working such as the use of written documentation, asynchronous communication, avoiding unnecessary meetings and focus on being deliberate about culture. A recent survey also found that 83% of developers prefer to work for employers who are open to WFH.

Commenting on their growth, Girish Shilamkar, Founder & CEO, InfraCloud said, “We bet on a technology – Kubernetes very early on and invested in its adoption because of the value it brings in modernising the infrastructure and leveraging the power of cloud. We started Pune Kubernetes Meetup in 2017 and even Cloud Native Technologies mentoring sessions to groom talent pool in these technologies. With accelerated digital transformation the demand for expertise in these technologies is unlike seen before. Grooming the talent in these niche skills in a unique way, is something which we have been doing since day one, has helped us to fulfill the demand and pursue hyper growth.”

The company’s growth also facilitated the acquisition of new clients and hiring for the future. Founded in 2016, the company has been hiring for 2-3 years due to the growth while ensuring it is inclusive (with its ESOP programs and Profit Sharing with all employees) and sustainable by emphasizing on work culture, all round growth of Infranauts (InfraCloud employees).

The company has its headquarters in Delware, USA and office in Pune, Maharashtra. It is modernizing the infrastructure of some of the world’s leading organisations, while targeting a 150-200% growth year-on-year, starting this year.

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