ITR filing: How to update your profile details on the new income tax portal?

If you are an income tax filer, then it is important that all your personal details on the tax filing portal are up-to-date. You might have changed your name, address, mobile number and so on. You need to update these details to make sure that important tax-related communication reaches you on time.

According to the government’s new income tax website, all registered users of the e-filing site can access their account after logging in to view and modify/update their profile information.

How to login into new income tax portal?

How to register yourself on the new income tax portal for filing ITR

Taxpayers can view and update details such as:

  • Bank Account and Demat Account details
  • Register DSC
  • e-Filing Vault Higher Security
  • PAN – AO Jurisdiction details
  • Details of Representative Assessee and Authorized signatories for Income Tax Returns / Forms
  • Source of Income details
  • Registrations and Certificates
  • Appreciations and Rewards
  • Portuguese Civil Code Applicability

How to update personal details in new income tax website?

Step 1: Log in to the e-filing portal using your user ID and password.

Step 2: On the Welcome page, click on your name and then ‘My Profile’ in the top right corner of your dashboard. You can also click the ‘Update profile’.

Step 3: Click ‘Edit’ to update personal details.


Step 4: Once the desired details are edited, click ‘Save’


How to update primary and secondary contact details as per Aadhaar, PAN or Bank details?

Step 1: On My Profile page, click ‘Edit’ to update contact details.


Step 2: Enter Mobile Number as per Bank/Aadhaar/PAN details and click ‘Save’.


Note: A pop-up message will appear if you click the Update as per PAN/Aadhaar hyperlink. Click Update after selecting As per PAN or As per Aadhaar.

If your PAN/Aadhaar information has already been changed, hover over the “!” sign and select Click here to update your bank information.

Step 3a: On the Verify Your Contact Details screen, enter the two 6-digit OTP obtained on the primary mobile number and primary email address, then click Submit.


If you have selected the contact details as per Bank details:

Step 3b: On the Synchronize Added Bank Contact Details page, enter the 6-digit OTP that was sent to the primary mobile number and click Submit.


Note: The OTP will only be valid for 15 minutes.

  • You have three attempts to type in the correct OTP.
  • The screen’s OTP expiry countdown timer indicates when the OTP will expire.
  • The Resend OTP timer shows how much time is left to regenerate an OTP.

A success message appears after a successful update.

Did you file your income tax return using the correct form? Find out here

Which ITR is applicable to you for FY 2020-21? This is an important question. Taxpayers must know which ITR form should be used and by whom. This ITR filing season, we list for you the applicability and suitability of the various ITR forms.

Important things to note when updating contact details

  • Mobile Number and Email ID: You will receive the OTP on the primary mobile number and primary email ID respectively entered on the e-Filing site if you update your mobile number and email ID as per Bank Details.
  • If you update your mobile number and email address in accordance with Aadhaar and make no other changes, you will not be asked to verify your mobile number, but you will be required to validate your email address.
  • No OTP authentication is necessary if you are merely updating address details (as per PAN / Aadhaar). An email will be sent to you on the primary email ID registered on the e-Filing site once the address has been successfully updated.
  • If you are a non-resident with an international phone number, the OTP will be sent to the primary email address on file.

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