NSE asks traders to stop using 61 nomenclatures like mutual funds

National Stock Exchange of India or NSE asked trading members and authorised persons to stop using words like advisors, asset/wealth/portfolio management, mutual funds, mutual fund services and so on as it creates a wrong impression among investors. The exchange has listed 61 words that are not permitted to be used by traders.

“It is observed by Exchange that Trading Members/Authorized Persons are using words such as Advisors, Asset/Wealth/Portfolio Management etc. in their name which is misleading and may indicate to the clients/investors that the Trading Members/Authorized Persons are registered for offering services other than broking services without having the applicable registration for those services with SEBI/other regulators,” said the exchange.

The name of Trading Member/Authorized Person should reflect the registration held by the entity and should not in any way create an impression of performing a role for which the entity is not registered, the circular said.

Members are advised to ensure that their name and the name of their registered Authorized Person should not contain such words unless these entities have registered themselves in that capacity with SEBI/other regulators. However, it may be noted that the list provided is illustrative and not exhaustive, the circular said.

In this regard, Members are advised to ensure the compliance of the above and in case their name or the name of their registered Authorized Persons uses such nomenclature, then they are required to get their name changed with Registrar of Companies (ROC)/Registrar of Firms (ROF) and also in Exchange records by March 31, 2023, it added.

List of Non-permissible words in name

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