Shiprocket launches new service to make cross-border shipping easier

NEW DELHI: Continuing the expansion of its business through a host of new features and services, Shiprocket, has launched Shiprocket X, a service that ensures frictionless cross-border shipping across 220+ countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and more.

Allowing sellers to take their business to a global audience, Shiprocket X covers every aspect of the shipping process and customer journey to make it convenient. With unified tracking features, sellers can now track all their shipments, regardless of the carrier they use, while sending their end customers real-time tracking notifications via email and SMS.

Understanding the need to protect shipments, Shiprocket X offers sellers a security cover to safeguard their shipments against pilferage, loss, or any other damage. The new product also implements automated shipping workflows, ensuring quick delivery while allowing sellers to place their brand logo, name, and other details on the Shiprocket X tracking page for a complete branded experience.

With integration with companies like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce, and minimum documentation required to get started (only an Import Export Code (IEC)), Shiprocket X makes an efficient cross-border shipping experience. All sellers need to do is upload their documentation, add their orders, choose a preferred shipment mode and delivery speed based on pin code serviceability, and ship their orders, post which they can track their shipment till the last mile. Shiprocket X will lay the groundwork for business expansion for sellers choosing to ship internationally.

In a statement, Saahil Goel, Co-Founder, and CEO of Shiprocket, said, “Customer-centricity, technology, and efficiency have been at the heart of Shiprocket’s strategy since we started the business, and Shiprocket X enables the same now on a global scale. Sellers no longer need to go through arduous processes to ship to customers worldwide since Shiprocket X reduces the entire shipping process to just a few steps. With Shiprocket X, we are beginning the next phase of our growth and launching more offerings soon.”

“We aim to build an all-encompassing logistics and fulfillment platform that is a one-stop solution for sellers and brands across the world. Shiprocket X was launched in tandem with this. We have already added partners such as Aramex and One World Express to our platform and have started operations from our Delhi hub.” added Akshay Ghulati, Co-Founder – Strategy & Global Expansion, Shiprocket, in a statement.

Shiprocket offers numerous solutions, including Shiprocket Fulfilment, Shiprocket Packaging, Shiprocket Engage, Shiprocket Secure, etc. The platform is backed by investors such as Zomato, Tribe Capital, March Capital, PayPal Ventures, and Infoedge Ventures, amongst others.

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