SpeakIn honours Amitabh Kant, other IAS officers for administrative distinction

New Delhi: B2B EdTech platform SpeakIn today honoured India’s select IAS Officers for administrative distinction and thought leadership.

The IAS officers were honoured for addressing some of the biggest and most ardous challenges facing the country and helping resolve them.

Among the ten IAS awardees was Amitabh Kant, a 1980 batch IAS officer, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Kant is currently the CEO of Niti Aayog. He has been a key driver of the “Make in India” and “Startup India” initiatives. He also drove the “Ease of Doing Business” initiative.

Accepting the award, Kant said, “There is no job content anywhere in the world like the Indian Administrative Service that gives you an opportunity to transform lives. You can be a great disruptor and bring in radical changes that actually impact the lives of the people of this country.”

Speaking about the rationale for awarding top performers of India’s elite civil service, Deepshikha Kumar, Founder and CEO of SpeakIn, said, in a statment: “When it comes to leadership skills and knowledge of the country’s law and policies, our civil servants are exemplary. IAS officers implement complex policies and projects and enable the executives’ connect with the larger population. The government’s job is dealing with issues that need to be dealt with—and that’s what our administrators do. We owe them a debt of gratitude.”

SpeakIn claims to be Asia’s first and largest consortium of thought Leaders, industry influencers, speakers, and subject matter experts.

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